Easter Fun in Walnut Creek

As the sun began to rise on Easter Sunday, the community of Walnut Creek eagerly gathered at the local park for an annual tradition – an Easter egg hunt. Families arrived with their children, brimming with excitement, ready for the festivities. A local real estate team, the Renee White Team, had generously set up a festive Easter booth, offering free donuts to fuel the early morning adventures. Children lined up for face-painting, giggling with delight as they transformed into bunnies, chicks, and butterflies. The air was filled with laughter as kids participated in Easter-themed crafts, creating colorful masterpieces. The highlight of the event was the egg hunt itself, with children dashing across the park in search of hidden treasures. And to capture the memories, families posed at the photo booth, taking home cherished keepsakes. It was a heartwarming sight to see the community come together, spreading joy and creating lasting memories on this special day.

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