Silver Surfer Body Art


This afternoon Teddie Honey and I made a rainy day into another body-painting homage to the Marvel universe. Today’s look is a take off of Silver Surfer. Today we used Snazaroo white for most of the looks coverage, since I’m using a smaller, travel kit today. Teddie has a lot of tattoo work to cover up, so my first choice, if I had my whole kit, would be WolfeFX white, or Paradise, for the best coverage. However, Snazaroo has performer better than I thought it would.

We needed some elements of uniformly space dots here and there to add to the comic book style event. In my Sea Witch look with Artist Mikaella, we used fish nets to add texture and a stencil design to her painting. In the comic book design I did on myself, I did not use a stencil. I free-handed it, which took way longer than I had anticipated, and it was more of a problem than I have expected it to me without a stencil.

Without being at my studio, I had to problem-solve trying to something to use for the pattern. We attempted to use the netting of a backside of a truckers cap, but no luck. Next, I ended up grabbing a colander from the kitchen, and I was happy with the pattern it made!


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