Scorpio Babies

It’s nearly that time! Here’s to all those feisty Scorpio babies! Below are a couple shots of a belly painting we came up with while little Billie was still yet to be born.Ā  Feisty as ever, she is turning into a very loquacious young lady. Her mother, just as contemporaneous and hilarious (it’s clear the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree), keeps an awesome blog of some of their daily activities, challenges, and adventures. Billie’s in elementary school now, and she’s just as out-spoken, a charming young lady with a Louisiana accent, and the heart of a California girl. Her blog is and it’s endlessly entertaining. To our little scorpio Billie!

Artist Tasi is a body-painter and photographer, and may be hired for pregnancy maternity body-painting photo shoots. Projects from simple belly paintings to a full session with set and styling are available. Send us a contact form with the details of your project. Include any exact time and dates you might have so we can check and give you a confirmation of our availability asap.

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  1. kutukamus says:

    Looks stingy šŸ™‚


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